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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Lambert's Café Throwed Rolls

I cooked Father's Day dinner one day early so both of our children could be here to celebrate as my son works all day tomorrow.  I fixed my husband's favorite meal --- chicken and dumplins, butter beans, and dressing.  Uh yes, we were carb loaded.  We do not eat like this very often.  To add to the carbs (and a touch of heaven in a pan), I tried the Pinterest version of the famous rolls from Lambert's Café, Home of the Throwed Rolls.  There are only 3 locations in the US, 1 in Alabama and 2 in Missouri.  If you have been lucky enough to eat at Lambert's --- well, you are lucky.  If you have never had the experience, you really should plan a vacation to Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, Alabama, where the Lambert's in Foley is just a short drive.  If you make a trip to Branson, Missouri, hit up the Lambert's in Ozark.  All you have to do at Lambert's is raise your hand and a roll will be on its way to you, you guessed it, thrown in the air.  Servers walk around with the biggest muffin pans I have ever seen in my life full of hot, tender rolls.  In addition to their menu, they have "pass arounds."  Basically, servers walk around carrying pans of macaroni and tomato, fried okra, black-eyed peas, cooked cabbage, and fried potatoes and load you up while you are waiting for your food to arrive.  Not kidding.  For the link to Lambert's web site, click HERE.  For the link to the Pinterest recipe for the famous rolls, click HERE.  The recipe is easy to follow.  I did use a kitchen thermometer to make sure my water and milk were the right temperature when mixing up the yeast and the dough.  I also used bread flour.  My favorite flour is Martha White but I could not find the bread flour so bought Gold Medal and was not disappointed.  My house smelled wonderful when these rolls were baking, and the pictures speak for themselves.  Total success.  We cleaned up this pan of rolls at supper and I will definitely be making them again.  I will not change one single thing because they were perfect.  

Here are the rolls after they rose in the muffin pan (yes, there is a pan under there).
 Here are the rolls fresh out of the oven (again, yes there is a pan under there).
And one more ....

I hope each and every one of you is having a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Those rolls look amazing. Maybe I'd better not try making them--I'd want to eat them all!


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