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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Goodwill Shopping bargain

I stopped in our local Goodwill store on Friday to just browse a bit and see if I could find any hidden treasures or simply a bargain.  I was in the last aisle and headed toward the exit when I found this bar stool. 
I am not an expert on wood by any means, but it looked cherry to me.  
There is some very beautiful dove-tailing of the rounded parts.   
The price was definitely right.   
My husband works with some very talented Amish wood crafters.  He is going to take the stool to work tomorrow and get the top off and see what it looks like.   He is going to ask them to make some sort of a top and I am going to use it for an occasional table.  I would love to have a round top for it, but also have a spot for a corner table if they are up to designing something like that.  Square, rectangular, it really does not matter.  I will find a spot for it.  I will have after pictures just as soon as it is done! 

I really love going junking, especially when I find a real bargain.  Can't wait to get this repurposed! 


  1. What a find--and how lucky that you have access to skilled craftspeople who can repurpose it for you! : )

  2. Wowza!! This is my kind of shopping!!!! Awesome!! So sorry I'm slow commenting!! Don't know where the days go!! I'm excited to see how it finishes out!!



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