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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Another one bites the dust

When it rains, it pours.  A few weeks ago my washer and dryer died within two days of each other and we had to purchase new ones.  That pretty well wiped out any money we had put back for Christmas.  Last week I was cooking supper we had short-out and near fire in the kitchen stove.  In all fairness, I get the stove tearing up because it was nearly 20 years old.  We decided to go with a gas range this time.  I remember my mom cooking on a gas stove when I was a little girl.  My best memories were my sister and I pushing marshmellows onto a fork and roasting them over a tiny open flame on the stove under Mom's watchful eye.  Then came electric burners, then ceramic cooktop, which is what I have had until the issue last week.  My new gas range came today ....

You now see what my husband and I are getting each other for Christmas, and our 24th wedding anniversary (which is today).  I am going to cook a big pot of soup beans (pinto beans or bean soup for those of you who are not from Kentucky) and bake a skillet of cornbread tomorrow to break in my new stove.  Hopefully I can practice on it a bit before fixing Christmas dinner next week.  Just in making my really quick supper tonight, hot dogs and canned hot dog chili (don't judge me --- I have had a hard week), there are two things I love about this gas stove already.  One, when the burner is turned off, the heat is off --- no surface to stay hot for a while.  Secondly, I have four burners that I can cook at any level I want, not just two small burners and two large ones like on my electric stove.  Anyway, supper is nearly ready :P. 


  1. Rhonda I love cooking on a gas stove and wouldn't have anything else any more. There are so many pluses to them, not the least of which is when the power goes out on a winter day you still have some heat! :) blessings, marlene

  2. I learned to cook on a gas range, but the smell has always bothered me a bit, so I have the ceramic cooktop and I don't like how long the burners stay hot.


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