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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Chicken and dumplins, peach pie, and quilts!

Has it been hot in your neck of the woods?  It was a scorching 105 degrees in Kentucky the day we left on vacation nearly two weeks ago.  We visited some family in Mississippi while we were there and, believe it or not, it was not as hot there as back home in Kentucky.  The weather at the ocean was so wonderful.  There is just something about looking at the ocean and the majestic works of our Heavenly Father that makes you realize just how awesome He is.  We had some wonderful family time, just time to rest and relax and enjoy many meals together.  Our son's girlfriend of one year was able to go with us and we loved getting to know her better.  The seafood was wonderful, but I have to admit that my favorite place is Lambert's --- Home of the Throwed Rolls.  I think there are only two in the United States, two in Missouri and one in Foley, Alabama, just a few miles from Gulf Shores and Orange Beach.  If any of you have been lucky enough to eat at one, you know what I am talking about.  If you have not, you really should put it on your Bucket List.  Oh, they have catfish and shrimp, but they also have meatloaf, pot roast, ham steaks, chicken fried steak, chicken and dumplings, and more.  Ask for a roll, and they will throw it at you, actually a soft lob that you can catch.  True yeast-y heaven.  Servers walk around with "the pass-arounds".... pans of fried potatoes, black-eyed peas, cabbage, fried okra, and macaroni and tomato.  Just make more room on your plate and you get all these sides for free.  We had supper twice while we were there --- once just was not enough.  We did have our share of fresh seafood, the kind you cannot get anywhere near Kentucky.  We got back and I was really in the mood for some hearty food (not really sure why since it was still a balmy 100 degrees in Kentucky).  My chicken and dumplins turned out pretty darned good ...

I brought back some peaches from Peach Park in Clanton, Alabama.  Again, the fruit is just sweeter the farther south we went, including peaches, watermelon, and blueberries.  Just enough peaches made it back with us for me to make this ....
The pictures do not begin to do justice to the taste of this pie.  It was gone before bedtime. 

I had been working on a memory tee-shirt quilt for some dear friends in Mississippi and we took it to them ...
They were very happy with it, and that makes me happy.  I also made another grocery bag holder, this time inspired by the lovely southern magnolias ...

It is back to normal, busy, work-filled life.  We have been home a week and are settling back into a routine.  I have caught up on reading all your sweet blogs.  I hope each and every one of you are having a wonderful summer!

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  1. Wow, you had quite a time!
    Your peach pie looks delicious! Do you share your filling recipe?
    The t-shirt quilt turned out great. That is very good of you to make that gift.
    Cute commemorative grocery bag holder!


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