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Monday, July 30, 2012

A pie (or 2)

My husband brought home some Granny Smith apples this week and asked if I had time to make a pie.  Well, if I am too busy to make my family a pie, I am just too busy.  Here is the apple ......
Then, he asked for a chicken pie.  Not chicken POT pie, but chicken pie, like his Grandma Audria used to make.  I had to call around to some of his relatives in Mississippi to see how Audria made these famous pies that have had children and grandchildren in four states still talking about them.  Here is my result, and my whole family loved it.  My husband stopped short of saying it was just like his grandmother's, but he really did enjoy it and asked if I could make it again very soon and even asked if I could make one for him to take and share with his co-workers one day.  Here is the chicken pie ....
Let me make one thing clear ---- we do not eat like this every day.  Shoot, we do not even eat like this every week.  Especially in the summertime, with access to all kinds of fresh vegetables, our dinner plates are filled with much lighter foods.  We have friends who have had a bountiful garden this year with the best---tomatoes---ever and we have enjoyed lots of sandwiches and salads with these great tomatoes. 

On a different note, my black-eyed Susans have been showing off this year ...

and .... my brother surprised me with a yard sale find ... a vintage wrought iron and wooden bench ...

I first had it against my house, like in this picture, but it has since found a spot underneath a tree.  I will get a picture and show that another time.  He removed the wooden slats and refinished those and put them back on.  I am thinking about my first-ever blog giveaway very soon.  Stay tuned for details.  I hope each and every one of you have a wonderful day!


  1. Wish I was there for some of that pie! blessings, marlene

  2. I'm curious what makes the Chicken pie different from a Chicken Pot Pie?

  3. Oh I love making apple pies! Our apple tree this year doesn't have one apple on it. It had a bumper crop last year.

    Yours looks soooo tasty!

  4. Scrumptious!!! I could just dive right in!! The bench is perfect!! What a great gift! I can imagine it under that tree!! Love your blackeyed susans!! Any seed for me?



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