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Thursday, June 19, 2014

I am sure we have one of the moodiest cats in the world.  We have learned to give her space because she has been known to take a swat at anyone passing by her.  You have heard of cats who purr themselves to sleep?  Ours hisses herself to sleep, not joking at all.  The only family member that she seems to be fond of is our son.  She is a calico and one of the prettiest cats we have ever had, but her beauty belies her temperament.

 She likes to sleep on top of a big chest where I store my quilting fabric and this is the look I got from her a month or so ago.

But, her unwillingness to retreat got her into trouble recently, we are assuming by a Copperhead.  We never saw it happen, but she obviously had 2 snakebites because we could clearly see fang marks.  The other bite is on her hip but I could not get a clear picture of it.  Kentucky also has rattlesnakes, but they are a little more elusive than Copperheads, which unfortunately are fairly common.  We killed one earlier in the summer in our driveway.

I cannot even believe she survived 2 snakebites, but she did.  It slowed her down for a few days, but she is fine now and is even a little calmer than she has ever been.

On a totally unrelated subject, as much as I HATE spiders, I walked outside early one morning last week when we had a heavy fog and I found this pretty scene.
Best wishes from the Beautiful Bluegrass --

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  1. Oh my goodness, that is one feisty cat! Two snake bites--wow!!
    You can see the attitude in her look!
    I don't love spiderwebs, either, but have been known to photograph them after a fog or frost. They somehow manage to look ethereal, despite the nefarious nature of their origins. : )
    That one is very pretty with its floral backdrop.


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