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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year from Cobblestone Quilting!

Happy New Year!  We have spent the first day of our New Year with the traditional meal of ham, blackeyed peas, cabbage, greens, cornbread, and bundt cake.  Just in case you have not heard of the folklore behind the traditions:

Ham (or other pork) --- Symbol of progress because pigs always root forward and never backward. 
Blackeyed peas --- Union soldiers pillaged the south during the Civil War, taking food and everything of value.  They left the blackeyed peas in the fields, thinking they were animal fodder.  Folks throughout the south knew better!  The rich nutrients in the blackeyed and field greens sustained them. Blackeyed peas for luck!!! 
Cabbage and greens ----- The color of money!   These are eaten for prosperity.
Bundt cake ---- We had carrot cake with cream cheese icing, but any Bundt cake will do.  It is a circle and symbolizes continuity in the new year, coming full circle without any interruptions. 
Cornbread ---- Just because it tastes sooo good with all the other southern food. 

I did make a cabbage casserole this year in place of our usual cooked or fried cabbage and it was delicious.  Cooked about 3/4 done in a little buttered and salted water, drained really well, layered twice with cheddar cheese and buttered Ritz crackers, and baked until cheese was melted and crackers were golden.  Yummy!!

Happy New Year to all my blogging friends!  May 2013 bring us closer together!  I love getting to know you, showing our pictures of quilts, sharing pieces of our everyday lives, asking you to join me in prayer about certain things (and knowing without a doubt that you are right on it)!  I hope each and every one of us enjoys good health for ourselves and our families.  For myself and my quilting friends, I hope our piles of UFOs diminish while our finished quilt stack grows and grows!  Praying for homes full of God's love, prosperity, joy in abundance, and a very wonderful 2013!



  1. Yum, Yum!! It would have been fun to share it with you!! That cake looks scrumptious!!


  2. Fun to hear the traditions behind the meal. My only New Year's Eve traditional food is a round of shortbread--a Scottish tradition (and I have a Scottish heritage). I have a couple dozen shortbread pans and make it often, but since I was sick this year I just pulled a bag of shortbread from the freezer that I had made early in December to have on hand "in case".
    Here's to sharing more in the new year, Rhonda!


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