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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Birthday gifts from my friend

I just had my 55th birthday on August 29 and I am the "baby" of a group of four.   My husband was also born in 1957, as are our best friends, a couple named Kathy and Rob.   They live two counties away from us, a 45-minute drive, but we get together as often as we can.  My husband turned 55 in March, Kathy turned 55 in July, Rob on August 15, so that makes me the youngest -- oh yay!   They graciously share their garden with us in the summertime .... tomatoes, peppers, squash, corn, green beans, greens, onions, okra ...... and in return my husband will put something on the smoker for them, pork loin or shoulder roast, ribs, different things.  It is a wonderful trade-off.  Kathy and I exchange gifts for birthdays and Christmas, and it is usually something we have made.  This time, she made me a set of coasters with tile from Lowe's, fabric, and ModPodge.  This is something I have been wanting to try and just have not gotten around to it. I love these! 

Also, she loves, loves, loves to upcycle .... she finds clothing at Goodwill and makes something different out of it... placemats, napkins, whatever.  Sometimes a dress will have unique buttons.  She calls some of the dresses "church dresses."  Trust me, this is a term of endearment and in no way meant to be disrespectful.  She and I both spent our early years in small country churches where the women wore long, full dresses.  Pants were a no-no.  When she finds a dress at Goodwill that is full and long and has lots of usable fabric, she calls it a "church dress."   Here is a picture of one she found this summer ...
I wish you could see the buttons on this dress  .... they would definitely have cost more than the $5 she paid for this dress at Goodwill.  There is enough fabric in the dress for two aprons, and she made me one for my birthday ... look at this!!!!!!
I am not sure, but this looks like Debbie Mumm or Mary Engelbreit.  Best friends are the greatest!


  1. What wonderful treasures from your friend! Very fun coasters. I love that she "upcycles". Wonderful apron--how clever!
    Happy birthday. I don't know if you recall, but I, too, was born in 1957--I hit the big 55 in November. : )

  2. Happy B-Day! Fun gifts, love your new apron, I'm sure you'll get lots of use out of it-enjoy:@)

  3. Oh Rhonda - these gifts are priceless!!! And the apron - perfect!!! Okay, I am truly the youngest of our little blogger bunch (okay, among Janet O., you and me) I won't be 55 until December! 1957 was a great year!!



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